World Mountain

According to the High Worship, there are nine worlds that comprise the universe.

Elnain. The dwelling of the gods at the peak of the mountain. This is where most of the epic stories of Elneas and his children take place.

Alfrain. The elf-place, this world resides lower than Elnain but higher than the rest. It is here that the High Worship says the Alfoer have been going when they leave this world.

Halfain. The field-place, home of the Halfen.

Dvergain. The dwarf-place, home of the Dvaergar.

The Middle World. The human world, home of men, of Corifae, Dalmorn, and all other mortal kingdoms.

Trollesund. The Troll-place, home of the trolls and their kin.

Gobellund. Home of all goblin-kind.

Gigantain. The land of the giants, where they went after they were driven off of the earth.

Waeslyft or Hell. The cold dwelling place of the dead, where they go to one of the great Keeps to spend their eternity.

On the west side of the World Mountain there sits an endless sea of fire, whilst on the east there is a bottomless depth. Above, there is Ice and the Emptiness, which comprises the major elements of the world along with the mountain itself, which is made of Earth.

According to the High Worship, there is a road that winds down from the highest peak to the lowest depths of Hell. This is called the Way of the Dead, and the Dead walk it down into Hell on their Last Journey. The World Mountain is the subject of popular clerical art, often being simplified to a triangle with the base shorter than the others. It is this symbol which most often adorns temples or vestiments, though signs of Elneas' rulership sometimes do so as well.

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World Mountain

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