War of the Thorns

In the year 589 CE the kingdom of Savorn, under the kingship of Carloen Fyrnesse, claimed the position of overlordship over the whole of northern Morlonde. This move was opposed by a great many magnates, chief amongst them being Reynard Cestrelle, king of Westreth.

During this time, Corifae was divided into many smaller kingdoms. Most of these were ruled by descendents of the conquering Salien tribes; those that were soon joined one of the two great camps or flocked to form their own splinter factions. Battle was first joined along the edges of the Fenlands in the southeast of Morlonde in the year 591 CE. The forces of the House of Cestrelle were expecting an easy victory, as they greatly outnumbered the supporters of the Fyrnesse, the bulk of whom had been trapped almost a week earlier at Fenly Crossing. When the Cestrellines came upon the long string of disorganized Fyrnessines they moved in for the slaughter.

Corifae in the time of the War 

Carloen Fyrnesse had, however, negotiated with the Cymren kingdom of Caertirn and Caertirni soldiers sprang from ambush upon the Cestrelline forces. The first great route was known as the Battle of Fenly Crossing though it did not, in fact, occur there.

The war achieved its name due to the overwhelming majority of the engagements being fought in the deep and dark hillsides and thickets of the Thornwood. Tailles Thoern, a minor lord of the Thornwood, played a pivotal role in the betrayal of King Carloen and the execution of many of the Fyrnesse line. Since then, Thoerns (and thorns) have become a symbol of double–dealing in Corifae. The common Corifaen saying, "Show me no thorns," stems from this historical event. (A varient of this phrase includes a response, namely: "I give you no thorns," followed by the response "And I'll show you none.")

At the conclusion of the War of the Thorns the Cestrelle heir was married off to a Fyrnesse daughter, binding Savorn and Westreth together. The clerics of the Whitestone Grove used this time as a launching point for the reforms which became known as the High Worship, and they strongly supported the new line that resulted from Cestrelle marrying Fyrnesse–the Valaes. The treaty and marriage is known as the Treaty of Whitestone, and Castle Carrak is said to be not far from where Halmon Cestrelle and Orethe Fyrnesse where married in 609 CE.

Their son was named Harmyr Valaes, and was to become the first king of Corifae.

Harmyr Valaes, the first King 

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War of the Thorns

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