The Fenaine

This organization was founded in the mists of time, before the War of the Thorns. It is believed that the ancient seers and sages of the pre-Morlonde Salien tribes began the tradition of the Fenaine; historical precedent is drawn to the ancient pre-migration brotherhoods and confraternities of wizards that were thought to exist in the North.

History of the Fenaine

The organization was founded in 629 CE when the first Valaen king, Harmyr Valaes, chose the wizard Talmon Guiyon. Talmon was a powerful Magister of the Lore of Transmutation. He used his influence as the court wizard of Harmyr to establish the Fenaine. The organization was designed with the control of Morlonde in mind, bringing other rogue wizards and magicians under the auspices of a single force. The unifying influences of King Harmyr were felt throughout every fabric of society, even the magical ones.

When Magister Talmon died in 682 CE at the age of one hundred, the function and fabric of the Fenaine changed drastically. Dissolving Talmon's Council of Magisters, the Fenaine instead set out a series of rules and laws that, most of all, stipulated that no new wizards could be trained without being intiatied into the order. Since 710 CE the Fenaine has been an informal grouping, composed of all wizards of Corifae.

The Law of the Fenaine

  • No wizard may undertake the training of an apprentice who has not been first intiated into the order.
  • No wizard may inherit a title, nor may they inherit land.
  • No wizard may work against the good of the kingdom of Corifae.
  • Every wizard must swear alliegence to the King and his House.
  • Magic may not be worked for frivilous means.
  • The secrets of the Lores of Roen may not be revealed to any not intiated into the Fenaine.
  • Lore may not be traded with wizards from other lands who are not members of the Order.

Exceptions to the Law

Since the Fenaine are a roughly organized order, some rules are broken with impunity (though the ones about keeping trade secrets usually are not, as they benefit all members). There is no enforcement body in the Fenaine, though those who flagrantly flaunt broken rules do so at the risk that other members of the society will recognize them as law-breakers and decide not to treat with them.

Organizational Titles

Junior members of the Fenaine are often referred to as acolytes or apprentices. Journeymen members are commonly known as Roen Manus and those who have mastered one of their arts are called Magisters. Not all wizards attempt to completely master one of the Schools, though they are still known as Magisters once their masters deem them ready.


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The Fenaine

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