"The land of Soleice is ruled by sorcery; and that which sorcery rules, sorcery destroys." -Roualt Delornei

To the north of the Marcher Provinces, through the narrow passes of the Shield Range, lies the Sorcerer's Kingdom. It is said that the nobles of Soleice all have some sorcery in their blood and that their land was settled long ago by living gods come out of the East. The truth of the matter remains shrouded in mystery and the forgetfulness of time. Either way, the most powerful wizards in the world come from Soleice, and they have learned more about the Lore of Roen than any other men. It is said that they know every loophole in the Roenic Axioms that exist and that many of the spells other wizards use were created first by Solenian sorcerers.


Soleice uses the Count of Eadmer as their method of timekeeping since they were converted to an abberant form of the Corifaen religion known as the High Worship. However, it a nominally heretical from the point of view of the Presbityr Oracle of Corifae, at least it isn't something foreign all together. The Solenian scholars record their history as having begun in the year -1,257 CE. However, no Corifaen knows the intimate details of Solenian history. It is, after all, a mysterious land of wizards and outlandish magic.


The lands of Soleice are not governed through a fuedal hierarchy like most of those on the Continent. Rather, the King of Soleice (also known as the Lord Sorcerous) commands very little landed resources. However, the mystical energies that crisscross the land are in his domain. The actual governance of territory falls to the Six Roenic Houses, each of which is descended from a heroic wizard or sorceress of ancient times.

There are no serfs or slaves in Soleice. Each town or village is a governed by a board of aldermen as well as a local Hedge Wizard who trains his own replacement. The Six Roenic Houses usually stick to the high politics of the great Solenian cities. This means that most government devolves to an extremely local level outside of the all-important Forest Laws which protect the Solenian lanscape from overdevelopment and thus the depletion of the Roenic energy reserves contain within it. 


The land of Soleice partially encompasses the Shield Range, the guardian mountains of the Marcher Provinces in Corifae. Nevertheless, the capital sits far to the north of the Shields. It is a strange place in the north, as the power of the Lord Sorcerous' magic grows stronger. The capital is called Arezsya, and is a realm beyond the imagination of most men who have not gone to Soleice's magical crux.

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