Savorn was, prior to the War of the Thorns, one of the great dynastic kingdoms of pre-Corifae Morlonde. In 591 CE, when the War began, Savorn was under the governance of the House of Fyrnesse. These nobles could trace their ancestors back to the time of Talloen the Subduer, though how accurate their genealogical charts were is always debatable.

Savorn was known for its black oak wood and extremely lush shores when it was a kingdom. After the founding of Corifae by the marriage of Orethe Fyrnesse and the scion of the rival Cestrelle House, Harmon Cestrelle, the family was linked to the powerful royals of Valae. Both Westreth and Savorn became districts of a larger royal demense under Harmyr Valaes, the spawn of the two fueding families.

Currently, the district of Savorn refers to the eastern coasts facing the Straights of Morwyn and the Marcher Provinces.

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