Regions of Corifae

The regions of Corifae can be roughly divided according to the geography of Morlonde. Each region has a different set of political circumstances as well as dangers.

Shire of Whitestone

The Shire of Whitestone includes the Whitestone Duchy, the Fengates, and the Duchy of Savorn. Guarding the Fen kingdoms as well as the securing the Straights of Morwyn, the Shire of Whitestone is both a major trading location as well as a dangerous frontier of central Morlonde. The Fengates and southern Savornian counties sit upon the borders of Maelnon and Caertirn, the two remaining Cymren kingdoms on Morlonde. Thus, the Fengates and the southernmost Savornian counties are all studded with castles for defense.

Major port cities dot the coast of Savorn, the most well-situated of those being Kings Crossing.


Shire of Harthoen

Shire of Chaloer

Royal Domain



Shire of Thornwood

Shire of Lamoras


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Regions of Corifae

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