"An intractable people, the Nalvians. But oh, do they make a fine silk and wonderous well-wrought arms." -Gaelon Tourrell, Seneschal of Marcher's Ward.

The Nalvian people are known for the mercenary companies which originate from their lands, the colorful bright silks they wear, and the fine weapons they craft. It is rumored that the Nalvian weapon-smiths were taught by the Dvaerger before they began to vanish from this world.

Nalvia itself straddles a line across the continent in that its northern most regions tend to be cold and wet, while its southern are arid. The Nalvians have had trouble maintaining political unity throughout their history, and each region of Nalvia has a strong regional and localized culture. Indeed, not all Nalvian regions identify as Nalvian.

There is no over-arching political power within Nalvia, merely the various militias and armies as well as mercenary armies that serve different regions. This makes their land open to invasion, as Nalvian regions rarely find cause to defend other Nalvians.


Nalvia can be roughly subdivided into two main regions – the northern, rocky, headlands and the southern, dry, scrublands.

In the North, three cities are dominant: these are Corav, Dalson, and Samsiin. In the south, the major Nalvian cities are Hortz, Vas, Caillox, and Salvi.

The Free Companies of Nalvia

The Free Companies are what defines Nalvia to outsiders. They are powerful, well-trained, well-armed, and veteran companies of men and women dedicated to fighting for money. The Nalvian economy is particularly sluggish due to the lack of agarain options within such a desolate environment. As such, the coin won by mercenary companies has helped to bolster the Nalvian city-states in the past by drawing money to them. Certain city-states even sponser companies (such as the Reavers of Caillox) in return for a cut of their profits made in foriegn wars.

The Nalvian Free Companies hire themselves most often in the Sea of Brass, where small warring islands are plentiful but have also been engaged to prestigous clients such as the Kings of Corifae.

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