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The island of Morlonde, which sits in the Sea of Gold, was once inhabited by the flourishing Cymren kingdoms beneath a High King. During the migrations and invasions periods the Salien tribes made use of the factional nature of Cymren politics to divide them and take their land. Many Salien kingdoms sprung up to take the place of the Cymren and it wasn't until the War of Thorns that the kingdom of Corifae was founded.

Timekeeping in Corifae is divided into two systems; there is that which is used by the Cymren holdouts of Maelnon and Caertirn, known as Morlonde Reckoning and that used by the Salien land of Corifae proper, known as Eadred's Count. These differ by about 6000 years, with Morlonde Reckoning being the older. In addition, there is a third ecclesiastical timekeeping system used only by the Temple of the High Worship.

Corifae itself is divided into many smaller regions; more about these can be found at the Regions of Corifae.

History of Corifae and Morlonde

To explore Corifae's history, navigate to the History of Corifae page. For a condensed view of the history of Morlonde and Corifae, check out the Compiled Timeline.

The Continent 

The nearest continental neighbors of Corifae are Soleice and Nalvia, which both abut the Corifaen holdings in the Marcher Provinces. Further to the south, on the tip of the continent, is the kingdom of Hados. In the northern reaches there lies Comrain and Ardenyen.

The southern continent, called by most in Corifae Stoneland, is far less hospitable than the north. Near the Mouth of Morn lies the sandy kingdom of Iedad, but most of that land is waste. Even farther south are the distant and seldom-visited lands of Omru and Vadol

The Sea 

Dominated by the island of Morlonde in the north and the many smaller Cymren-ruled islands that surround it, the Sea of Gold is also the home of the famed isle-city of Dalmorn, which sits at the mouth to the Sea of Brass. Also joining Morlonde in the Sea of Gold are the Cymren kingdoms of Dyfaen, Gwnynar, Camlen, and Orcastir.


Throughout the Golden Basin (as the lands around the Sea of Gold are often called) magic is treated differently in each of the great kingdoms. However, all wizardly magic draws upon a similar philosophy of the importance of the Land. The power of magic (more properly called the Lore of Roen) relies on the latent energy of the land itself to manifest. In Corifae the practicers of the Lores are all mostly members of the Fenaine, a semi-secret society which regulates the use of magic through the means of strict tenets.

Other Races

There are also the mysterious other races that share this world with human beings. They are the Alfoer, the Dvaerger, and the Halfen. There are also, of course, the semi-legendary ones like the Trolls and Giants. Along with these such things there are the sorcerie-born nightmares such as the Dopple.

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