Lore of Roen

True Magic is known throughout the Golden Basin as the Lore of Roen. The word itself refers to the magical language with which most spells and incantations are written. While lesser magic is usually passed down orally, the Lores of Roen are transmitted through ancient books which were recorded by sorcerers and wizards of old times.

The Lores are divided into nine Schools, each of which is responsible for a different field of magical knowledge. These nine Schools are divided into the Major and Minor Lores of Magic.

Major Lores include:

The School of Necromancy; this school deals with the manipulation of life-force and vital energy. While the school has not been fully plumbed due to its dangerous and often unwholesome nature, the few spells which make use of its learning are often very powerful.

The School of Alteration; this school focuses on the transmutation of materials and energy from one form to another. It is strongly linked with alchemy.

The School of Conjuration; this lore deals with calling things from this world, or from others. This school is also known as the Lore of Summoning, the Lore of Calling, and the Lore of Names.

The School of Evocation; this school focuses on the manipulation of pure Roenic energy into other forms, such as fire. For this reason, this school is often colloquially termed the Lore of Battle and alternately as the School of Invocation.

The School of Enchantment; also known as the Lore of Charms or Glamour, this school deals with the manipulation of Roenic attributes in physical objects. For the most part these manifest as charms placed on people or things.

There are only three minor lores, both of which are accessible by magicians, thus diluting their perceived potency by true masters of the Lores of Roen. These are:

The School of Diviniations; The Lores of Divination are concentrated on the revealing of information, mostly that dealing with the future and things which have been hidden.

The School of Illusions; The Lores of Illusions are thought to be strongly tied with the Lore of Charms. Illusions, however, are false things, mere tricks created by Roenic art. For this reason it is often greatly looked down upon by True Wizards.

The School of Sight; Related to the Lores of Divination, the Lore of Seeing deals with understanding Roenic flows and Roenic script. All mages use this Lore and thus it has less of a stigma than the others.


The Roenic Lores also operate by a system of rules and laws that have been worked out over the centuries by its practicioners. These laws and axioms have been recorded and handed down by the various will-workers the world over. These laws can be found under the Axioms of Roenic Lore.

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Lore of Roen

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