History of Morlonde

The island of Morlonde has been inhabited variously by giants, trolls, and men at different times in its history. The Cymren have the longest memories of the isle. Their dating system, Morlonde Reckoning (MR), begins with the mythical raising of the island from the seabed by giants to create themselves a home.

The Cymren people did not actually begin to inhabit the land of Morlonde until approximately 5000 MR when their legend-cycle records them having defeated a Gigantine army in the region of Kaer ab Tuhn. They ruled the island for twelve hundred years under a High King until 8 CE/6279 MR when the first Salien kingdom of Westreth was established in the land of the then-kingdom of Cymren Camnon.

A series of great wars enveloped the Cymren kingdoms from the period fo 36 CE/6351 MR to 66 CE/6345 MR during which time the house of Mathwn lost the high kingship, passing it to Calreth. This period is detailed in a ballad known as the Harfydd Cycle, named after the Prince of Calreth who fought against the Salien encroachment.

In 89 CE/6360 MR the kingdom of Westreth splintered into Westreth proper and the smaller but better situated Aveyron, which occupied the north of what is now called Sparlonde. The Cymren used this period of relative peace to reinforce their borderlands and to draw in council with one another. It seemed as though the Salien migrations would be stopped at the mouth of Sparlonde with the stop of Westreth's expansion.

Ancient Morlonde 

Then, in 103 CE/6374 MR, the second great migration poured down from the great bay north of Soliece and the longships landed in Dynedd, what is now Shiphaven. Both the lords of Westreth and Aveyron banded together to assist their brethern coming down from the north, and war with the Cymren kingdoms opened afresh. The men of the second migration where led by Luitar the Scythe who has earned a semi-mythical reputation (along with Talloen the Subduer) in Corifaen history. By 112 CE/6383 MR, Dynedd was in full retreat before the new lordship of Chaloer that the Scythe had established.

While other counter-attacks were made by the Cymren kingdoms, none were as successful or as sustained as those previously made by Prince Harfydd. Worse, in 187 CE/6458 MR the High Kingship of Morlonde became contested between the Cymren thrones and they were thrown into chaos in a dynastic war that lasted nearly a century.

A period of roughly three hundred years speaks of the continuous losses of the Cymren kings until, finally, in 425 CE/6696 MR the third and final migration of continental Saliens arrived in what would someday be Savorn under the leadership of Talloen the Subduer. In a series of lightening wars between 430–461 CE Talloen systematically defeated the Cymren kingship and, with the help of the other Lords, drove them into the far corners of Morlonde.

Two hundred years later, Talloen's kingdom of Savorn would come into bloody conflict with the old Salien kingdom of Westreth, resulting in the War of the Thorns and the unification of the Salien kingdoms of the isle under one rule as the kingdom of Corifae.

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History of Morlonde

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