History of Corifae

The kingdom of Corifae traces its origins back to the War of the Thorns in 589-602 CE. The unified Savorn-Westreth House of Valaes is the first to be given kingship and wear the horned crown in the form of the boy Harmyr Valaes, first of his line.

In 662 the crown passed to Harmyr's son, Carloen. During his reign (662-716) power over the other realms was consolidated. The capital was from just outside of Whitestone to Crownport in Aveyron. Carloen celebrated the landing of Luitar the Scythe with the Festival of the Scythe in th year 668 when the capital was moved. In the following year, he caused to be erected a statue of Talloen the Subduer.

Carloen passed the crown to his eldest son, Moirgan, in 716 when the heir was already fifty six years old. Moirgan and his brother, Moirsaen, had a long-standing hatred of each other and fought vigorously both during their father's reign (for example, in the summer of 665 what has become known as the Brothers War erupted in southern Westreth between supporters of Moirgan and Moirsaen) and after it. Moirgan ruled for only ten years before he and his brother caused enough stir that his own son, Calmyn, deposed him and forcibly exiled both brothers to monasteries at the far ends of the kingdom.

Calmyn ruled from 726 to 730 when he died at the age of fifty one, likely from poisoning by his elder sister, Emecyth, who never forgave him for imprisoning their father.

This left the twenty year-old Harmyr II to take the throne. His older brother, Oadred, had died as a child in an accident playing atop the Seaward Tower in Crownport. It has been rumored that Harmyr II murdered his brother when they were both children, but this is likely an attempt to fit in this historical tidbit with the later hatred that arose on his account. Harmyr II was a hard ruler, and he violently put down a rebellion in Aveyron by hiring up large amounts of Nalvian mercenaries. He did not trust his local barons, and that was obvious. When he died in 789 the court annals recall a "rejoicing which had not been seen in this age of the world" throughout Crownport.

His son, Talnon, was born in 750 and thus was a full thirty-nine years of age when the crown came to him. The royal war chest had run low in his father's time, and he desperately tried to make up enough to continue to pay the Nalvians who had settled in the area around Crownport and were serving as its nominal militia.

A coup was brewing. An ambitious outsider to the court, Alloen Thuron, had arrived from the mainlands where the Salien tribes had not yet joined the bulk of Corifae. Alloen was related to Talloen Fyrnesse and thus, by long and tortuous route, to Talnon Valaes. He sensed the political turmoil in Aveyron and arranged for the Nalvians to assist him. In a few short months his plan was ready. It took four hours to execute and then, once it the Nalvians had swarmed through Crownport, the Whites (the party of the King) where defeated. Alloen's Reds were victorious. The line of Valaes had ended.

Alloen moved the capital to the land across the Straights of Morwyn, and for six years the capital of Corifae was at Kingsbridge. During this period, the Marcher Provinces were incorporated into the kingdom, swearing fealty to King Alloen. This, however, irked the Lord Sorcerous of Soleice and after six years were out Alloen was prepared to move the capital back to Crownport as it was dangerously overexposed to a strike from the north. The court entreated him to do so, but before he could a killing wind descended upon the city and he died.

His nephew, Daimor Thuron, was given the crown by the magnates of the eastern provinces and, in contest, the Presbityr Oracle crowned a pretender-king in protest at Whitestone Grove. This pretender, Ganelon Talliefer, commanded the alleigence of the Crownport barons. Sensing that a war was inevitable, Daimor crossed the Straights in force on Avon 3rd, 801. He gathered support as he advanced on Crownport where Ganelon had fled. His momentum appeared to be unstoppable, but in early Karton he was struck in the eye with an arrow. It seemed as though he was going to perish.

The Presbityr Oracle condemned him as a devil summoned up by Sætus to unseat the true heir to the throne but, even as Daimor lay in ill health, men seeking his approval within Ganelon's royal guard betrayed him to his enemy and snuck him out of the city. Sensing that his death was at hand, Daimor blessed Ganelon as king and transferred to him the horned crown.

Ganelon settled the Tallifer line at Talcaester, later Kingstone, his hereditary seat, upon Lord's Bay in Astroeth in 804. In 846 Ganelon died of broken ribes sustained by a fall from his horse. His newphew Eadred the Pious Tallifer succeeded him in Talcaester in 847. Eadred began the first missions of High Worship conversion on the Continent, to be repeated again in 891 when Eadred died and bequeathed the kingdom to Sevoern Bloodthirst, who also launched the first great war against Soleice.

Seveorn died in his bed in 916, leaving his crown to his daughter Queen Maraene, who married a lord of Ardenyen but who ruled in her own name. During her rule (916-938) many new abbeys devoted to Artea sprung up and were supported by the Tallifer house with a great deal of gold and political power. Her son, Talnon II (named after the last legitimate king of Corifae), took power at the age of twenty two in 938. He was a fairly good ruler, though not outstanding, and under his reign (938-992) the kingdom warred once more with Soleice, twice with Nalvia, and with Hados for the very first time as well as engaging in a pitched sea-battle with a Dalmornian fleet. Much money was placed into the coffers as a result.

His son, Camlyn Tallifer, gained power in 992 after his father died. He ruled until 1024, engaging in the Great Omru War as well as the Third Sorcerous War with Soleice, of which historians are still unsure whether the kingdom gained or lost.

Harmyr III (1024-1057) ruled during a vast southerly rebellion known as the Golden War in which he was slain after intermittent fighting in Coryl. His son, Carloen II (1057-1109), was long-lived and many say that he was secretly a wizard in defiance of all the laws of the Fenaine. However, that rumor has never been substantiated and was likely started because Carloen III was a very intelligent man.

He was succeeded by his cousin Halmyr Tallifer (1109-1153) who was only sixteen when he took the throne. His own son, Alfraed Tallifer (1153- ) was fourty when he was crowned.

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History of Corifae

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