"Dalmorn is a roguish place, older than any other city in the world and twice as wicked." -Talmor Basforen, Master Merchant

The city of Dalmorn is said to predate every other civilization in the world itself. This is unlikely, as Hados, Iedad, and Omru all claim to be as old if not older than Dalmorn, but no other kingdom can boast as much accumulated and accreted history as Dalmorn can. The city has a recorded history that stretches back into what is commonly thought of as a prehistorical period: It's records begin in -10,000 MR. The city also has its own way of keeping time, known as the Year of Rulers (YR).


The city is a vast collection of smaller cities all grown together along the central canals of Dalmorn Island. At the northern end lies Anyxport and at the southern the Mouth of Morn. The city has nearly fifty districts as well as twelve major gates and five minor ones. More information about each district can be found in the districts of Dalmorn page.

The island of Dalmorn is of a considerable size, and thus the city itself is confined to the many narrow valleys that lie sliced through it and along the relatively flat plainlands along its shore. The upland hills are given over to farmland and pasture grounds. In total size, Dalmorn must contain at least 3 million, if not more.


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