Proud and old by the measure of men, Corifae was founded by Salien tribes migrating across the seas in 8 EC, 73 EC, and finally in 139 EC. During the early period of the Salien inhabitation of Morlonde, they vied with one another and also the Cymren kingdoms that were situated on that vast island. However, after the War of the Thorns (a clash between the dynastic houses of Savorn and Westreth), Corifae proper was founded at the Treaty of Whitestone.


The word Corifae itself is rumored to go back all the way to Luitar the Scythe, one of the first lords to land in Sparlonde. It has also been attributed by some scholars to Talloen the Subduer, who conquered the strongest Cymren resistances during his time. Either way, all sages agree that the roots are from the ancient Salien word coryf meaning hillside and laeden meaning growing. Thus, Corifae means "growing hillside," thought to refer to the island of Morlonde as a whole and to describe how pleased the Salien warlords were at having won it.


Corifae is quite mountainous in the south, it's southern shores being extremely rocky and in many places sheer cliffs. The southern regions are interlaced with mountains: the Trollhaunts, the Seahooks, and the Bastions being the most prominent ranges in that area. The central portions of Morlonde are lush and heavily vegetated, ranging from pasturelands to thick forests. While the western shore is arid due to the interference of the Cymren isle off the coast with whether patterns, the eastern shore facing the straights is quite well watered and has been the source of much of the black oak of the shipyards.

Morlonde also has its share of heavily fed fens and swamps (the Fenlands being the most prominent) as well as high-elevation platueaus. The Corifaen crown also holds sway over a wide swathe of land on the far side of the Straights of Morwyn that have become known as the Marcher Provinces.

Political Structure

Corifae is ruled by a king, often conflated with Elneas the Stag-King. The Presbityr of the High Worship must ordain the king in order for him to ascend and the Hieran of Astroeth is given the honor of investing him with the horned crown, iron rod, and amber orb. Beneath the king are his Dukes, Counts, and Barons. Most of these serve the King directly, though potent magnates may have counts and barons of their own as vassals. 

The major political regions of Corifae are divided up geographically. For example, the Marcher Provinces comprise their own division which is radically different from any of the others. These regions were once portions of or entire individual kingdoms during the earlier periods of pre-unified Corifaen history.


The history of Corifae is a long and colored one; thus, in order to keep these pages as uncluttered as possible, please see the History of Corifae page.


The people of Corifae hold fast to an ancient religion that they call the High Worship. This religion has spread in some form or another to several nearby lands, including Soleice and the Salien homelands in the north. However, it is a closed system which rejects the existence of other gods (or accepts them as hostile spirits), therefore discounting the ancient religions of other places such as Dalmorn.

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