Compiled Timeline


-6271 CE/ 0 MR. The mythical raising of Morlonde from the base of the seabed into a full-fledged island by the giants.
-1271 CE / 5000 MR. The Cymren settlement of Morlonde begins after defeating a gigantine army at the hill known as Kaer ab Tuhn. They spread over the island and begin to establish their many warring kingdoms. 
Cymren Overlordship 
-671 CE/ 5600 MR. The High Kingship is established in the Cymren-ruled Morlonde. The first High King is Doer Fynbal of Dynnedd.
-560 CE/ 5711 MR.  The Crown War erupts in Morlonde, ending with the establishment of Maelnon under the auspices of Mathwn. This is the first of the major wars wracking Morlonde in this time, others lasting well into the migrations period.
5780 MR. The establishment of Maelnon is followed by the Wars of the South, in which the kingdom of Staennyth was torn apart by civil strife and the whole of the island intervened on one side or another.
5824-5849 MR. The Heiress War causes the power of the High King to shift temporarily from the House of Mathwn to Glamoran. The Glamori use the influence of their victory throughout the Hieress war to launch parties of settlers onto the nearby islands.
5970 MR. The High Kingship passes back to Maelnon when King Gwedon Mathwn defeats the Glamoran army in the field. In so doing, the Glamoran kingdom is weakened for a generation as the youth of Glamoran are slain in the Battle of Paelydd Field.
6116 MR. The White Sickness sweeps across the island, decimating the population. This further caused strife between the Cymren kingdoms, as they fought over the resources which were becoming harder and harder to obtain.
8 CE/ 6279 MR. The landing of the first Salien Lords and their tribes. 

Migrations Period

36-66 CE. The invaders are hard-pressed under the High Kingship of Harfydd during the Kingship of Calreth.

89 CE. Civil strife in the newly established Salien kingdom of Westreth causes it to splinter into Westreth proper and Aveyron. The Cymren use this time to reinforce their borders and strengthen their positions on the island. An unprecendented time of peace descends across the Cymren lands as they strive desperately to prepare for a time when Westreth and Aveyron work their war out.

103 CE. The Cymren reinforcements are broken by the second great Salien migration who come pouring down into Morlonde. Luitar the Scythe, the famed Salien warrior, lands with this migration.

112 CE. By this time Dynedd is in full retreat before the combined might of Westreth and the newly established Anduile.

187 CE. The Cymren kingdoms fall into a war of contestation over the High King. This divides them again, removing the once-united front they'd presented to the Salien invaders. The Saliens themselves are also divided, but since they are in different regions of Morlonde, it hardly matters.

235 CE. The contest of the High Kingship is resolved in the father of the House of Mathwn yet again. By this time, Dynnedd is totally subsumed and becomes the Salien principate of Harthoen. The Mathwns attempt to rally the Cymren kigndoms, but internecine fighting leaves them withdrawn, seeing only to their own defenses.

236-424 CE. Fighting is on and off between the new Salien kingdoms and the old Cymren ones. Every so often, the Cymren kingdoms fight amongst themselves, thought the Saliens appear to be canny enough to avoid open conflict with one another.

425 CE. The Third Migration occurs; Talloen the Subduer arrives in the northern portion of Caertirn which he soon carves out into the kingdom of Savorn. Four potent Salien domains stand against the weakened six Cymren kingdoms remaining on the island.

430-461 CE. The great Wars of Subjugation rip across Corifae, led by Talloen the Subduer. He unifies the other Salien kingships and, together with the migrations still pouring into Savorn, they soundly defeat the Cymren kingdoms again and again. Talloen agrees to a steep treaty with Orone the Yeilder. This leaves the Saliens with nominal rights to all of Morlonde save for the fens.

Foundation Period

462-588 CE. The Saliens finish their conquest of Morlonde during this period, and a great many Salien kingdoms spring up. These include Greatwater, Sellondes, Fallsdrop, Lamoras, Daemac, Harlonde, Ormoente, Maloin, Troilles, and Cornary.

589-609 CE. The War of the Thorns.

~650 CE. Foundation of the Temple of the High Worship.

Compiled Timeline

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