Castel Roenwood

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Kings Crossing (4)

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Guild (4), Kings Crossing Merchant Guild

Temple (1), Kings Crossing Chapterhouse of the Black Brotherhood

Temple (2), Hierandom of Crook


King's Crossing is the center of trade and culture for miles around. Any goods that are found inland on the western portion of Corifae is entirely thanks to King's Crossing. The city itself is walled, with only two gates, one that leads south directly, and another, the 'western gate' that follows the river. The city itself was built on an incline, with the walls and gates being at the highest point and everything descending towards the docks. The castle is actually not quite in the center but rather, slightly off center – favoring the docks. In the direct center of the city is in fact a square (the largest in King's Crossing) which is used for almost all large civil events – from markets, to faires to public executions.

The land directly outside of King's Crossing is mostly farmland – at least for a handful of miles. Further out in to Roenwood, there are small communities, though nothing large enough to be called towns. Mostly just a few families that keep an eye on each other, or in one or two cases, a lumber camp. To the south, along the coastline though is THE Roenwood which is illegal to enter, hunt in and especially chop wood. Only those with the Castellan's permission may enter. In fact, there is a small guard unit that patrols the borders of the wood exclusively.

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Castel Roenwood

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