Hamgon Devae

Count of Chalk


Ruler of the County of Chalk, Hamgon Devae (and indeed all the Devaes) share a close relationship with the Fyrnesse family. His elder sister being married to the Duke of Savorn, Cormon Fyrnesse, he himself shares the Duke's ear.

Hamgon is a pallid wan man of thirty three. He is obsequious in manner, though often snide when the back is turned or if he thinks he can reasonably get away with it. The result of a sarcastic chlldhood spent under the rod of a father who didn't find his jokes particularly humorous. It is well known that Hamgon bears a strong hatred for the Count of Aellund, Aesa Aeling. The roots of this clash are unclear; some say the other Count unseated him in a mock-melee and others that he sat in his chair at one of the Duke's formal affairs of state. All agree that Hamgon's grudge is a petty one.

Hamgon Devae

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