Alfraed Tallifer

The somewhat portly king of Corifae, 1153-1164




Born in 1113, King Alfraed was crowned after the death of his father Halmyr in 1153. He is a fit king, though sometimes particularly bellicose. He has a particular hatred of Soleice due to the escalating confrontations over border disputes.

King Alfraed is often described by his detractors as rash and dimwitted, though his supporters view him as a king of the old type: powerful, dedicated, sometimes bullheaded, and with a singular eye for the safety of his holdings.

He grew up in Kingstone at the court of his father, Halmyr. His position in court was secured by Halmyr for him when he was quite young, as Halmyr had succeeded his own cousin at the age of sixteen and had to force the barons of Astroeth to recognize him as king.

As a youth he fought against the kingdom of Dyfaed on the western shores of Corifae. However, it was through his arrangement that Dyfaed withdrew from the war and ceeded many payments of silver to the crown.

In late 1159/early 1160 he declared war on the kingdom of Soleice and has been across the channel fighting the Lord Sorcerous and in 1164 he won a great victory against that lord. However, in the middle of 1164 he was crossing the Narrows on the Redtower, which wrecked, killing all its passengers.

Alfraed Tallifer

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