Aesa Aeling

Count of Aellund


Aesa Aeling was one of three Aeling sons, the only one to survive his youth. The youngest, he is now thirty four years old. The powerful independant and royally overseen County of Aellund is his domain, and he oversees it much as a prince might his own regnal plot. Aellund flies in the face of the other regions, contrary to them in all ways. Criminals within the borders of Aellund may seek sanctuary in a temple of the High Worship or specially dedicated shrines to Wilthean the Sotten.

Aesa has been a thorn in the side of serious politics in the Whitestone region for nearly six years and seems to show no sign of letting up. If there's anyone's side he's on other than his own in the constant manipulations, he's yet to show it.

Aesa Aeling

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