Noble Blood

A First Encounter, 1159

Laroen first met Reynard in the midst of a blizzard, squinting at the castellan half hidden by his fathers leg. The travel from Fordland to Kings Crossing had given Laroen time to consider his father’s predicament and an unsettling quiet at settled upon the boy. This silence, was all that Reynard heard from Laroen in the hours to come. Silence as they entered the castle at Kings Crossing, and silence through dinner and through lessons.

It was a bell that broke the silence. In the midst of their lesson, Brother Bartoel called himself away due to the arrival of a missive. It seemed that the king wished the harbor cleared and usable within the week, his campaign against the Sorcerous Lord required it. This fact, for now, was of interest to Laroen or Reynard. For while the king’s herald spoke but a room away, the young masters argued. Laroen wished to search the castle for word from his father, Reynard wished to stay out of trouble. And so, the first exchange of words between Laroen and Reynard ended in disagreement. And though for years hence they would learn side by side, on that night, they parted ways.



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