Corifae. The zephyrs of the Sea of Gold must blow by its shores on their way to the Seas of Brass, on their way to the world. Trade from the north flows through it, and its shores encompass a people varied as the twelve gods themselves. Upon the island of Morlonde a merchant can journey through mountainous mining towns, fields of waving wheat, swamps, forests, fens, and all before reaching the far side of the place.

Of course, there are the few holdout Cymren kingdoms that share Morlonde with the great kingdom of Corifae, but they are marginal and rarely dangerous. At least, this is how Corifae may seem to the uneducated. It is, in truth, a seething morass of politicking and dangerous alliances. Corifae is not half as peaceful nor as safe as the merchant-men who wish to direct shipments through its harbors may make it seem. It is a land of eternal danger, for around every corner is a new scheme, a new plot, and a new pair of arms waiting to embrace an new ally—or is that to stab an old enemy?

Noble Blood

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